Dried natural willow with bark

The dried natural willow fence is a topoftherange product with an incomparable contemporary look. The dried fence is made of high quality, natural and recyclable material.


By combining willow stems, galvanized steel and larch, you will obtain a unique product with a long lifespan, unlike the wooden and bamboo fences found on the market. The fences are preassembled in our workshops into panels the dimensions of your choice.

We weave carefully selected first quality willow stems of at least 2 years old. The steel used for waving ensures the strength and durability of our product. We use durable and natural wood for a longer life without the addition of chemicals.

Lifespan and maintenance

The lifespan of the dried willow fence is estimated between 20 and 25 years , depending on the post. Willows will age naturally like natural woods, graying and leaving traces on the bark. Since we use natural materials, we suggest that you do not use chemicals.

For the protection of your fence, we will provide you with vine plants to be planted at the base of each of your fence panel. The vine will act as a protection against UV rays and rain. This combination of vinesand fence is essential to maintain the life of your fence.


The installation of the panels is fairly simple. You simply have to dig holes and install the panels one after the other. Posts being already attached to the panels, installation does not require any special assembly.

This feature will provide you with a fence that looks fluid and clean.

You can install our fences by yourself or contact one of our distributors near you.


Standard panels are available in heights of 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet. Other dimensions can be supplied on request.

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