Dried barkless fence

The combination of our barkless dried willow fences and climbing plants offers an incomparable rustic character.


The debarked willow gives a natural and contemporary look. Over the years, the barkless willow become gray and blends into the landscape. This solution is appropriate in areas where it is impossible to integrate climbing plants or for projects over 3.5m high.

However, since it is not necessary to plant fast growing vines for protection against the weather, it is possible to integrate ornamental climbers (such as clematis, hydrangea climbers, etc.).

Lifespan and maintenance

The lifespan of our dried willow fencesis estimated between 20 to 25 years , depending on the postmaterial. Willows will turn grawhen aging naturally. The lifespan of barkless willow is the same as natural willow with bark and it is not essential to combine them with vines to maximize their life span. Adding vines is anaesthetic option or when the implantation of a vine is impossible. As the bark peels off naturally, the debarked version will offer more visual stability, stripped of vines.

We suggest that you do not use chemicals on our fences. When wood is well ventilated and used wisely, it has avery good resistance. Just think of the old centuryold farm barns.


The installation of the panels is fairly simple. You simply have to dig holes and install the panels one after the other. Posts being already attached to the panels, installation does not require any special assembly.

This feature will provide you with a fence that looks fluid and clean.

You can install our fences by yourself or contact one of our distributors near you


Standard panels are available in heights of 4, 5, 6 and 8 feet. Other dimensions can be supplied on request.

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